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Houston Garage Door Repair Testimonials

Houston Garage Door Repair prides itself on providing reliable and dependable service to all of its customers. We’re always happy to share our client’s comments. If you have something to say about hiring Houston Garage Door Repair let us know. The following is a brief sample of all of our “rave reviews!”

“Last week I came home to discover my garage door wouldn’t open. I tried swapping out the batteries in my remote clicker but it was still a no go. I don’t like parking on the street but really didn’t have a lot of time to fiddle with the garage door motor. That’s when I called Houston Garage Door Repair. They had a serviceman out to my place within a half an hour. I was lucky because he was just finishing up another job just a few streets over from my home. He took a couple of minutes checking the mechanism and found the problem right away: the gears had seized up. He was able to make the repair and threw in a lubrication job as well! Not only is my garage door opening fine now, it’s also making a lot less noise. And all of that happened before the sun went down so I was able to park my car in the garage where it belongs!”
~ Joyce K.

“My husband has been promising to install a new garage door ever since I bought him the package last Christmas. He always has an excuse but I don’t really blame him. He works hard and I know his values his weekend time with the boys. That’s why the two weekends ago when they went for skeet shooting, I called up Houston Garage Door Repair. I told them I didn’t need fixing as much as I needed replacing and they said no problem. They sent a fella over and he had that new device put up in no time. When my husband and boys came home, I surprised them by waiting out front with new remote. You should have seen the look on their faces when I hit the button and the garage door went up like it was supposed to! Priceless! Thanks Houston Garage Door Repair!”
~ Alice B.

“Fast and efficient. That’s how I describe your service. One day I was leaving for work and I couldn’t get the garage door to close. Since I was dressed in a suit, I didn’t want to monkey around with the gears and chains so I called Houston Garage Door repair and told them it was an emergency. That got somebody out to my house in twenty minutes. I couldn’t believe it. The service rep was able to get the door down and recommended I look into a replacement because my motor was on its last legs. I had him come back that night and put a new opener in. I never got my hands dirty!”
~ Roy W.